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Over a hundred year ago, Dr. Jose Rizal said “The youth is the hope of the nation.” But here’s the sad reality: Suicide and depression rates are increasing among Filipino youth. Factors that contribute to this are bullying, low self-image and failure in school. While there are some programs conducted by both private and government organizations to address this, a majority of the youth population remains unserved. We also know that character and values has continuously eroded among the youth with the increase of consumerism, self-indulgence and instant gratification. Without intentionally leading the leaders of tomorrow, imagine what kind of future we are looking at.

We want to serve the present youth to preserve the future. We shape the youth today to shape a better future tomorrow. We create leaders today so they can lead our country tomorrow. This is why we are bringing YouthMax to every possible corner of this country.

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Our vision is to reach out to 1,000,000 youth in 2 years and we cannot do it without your support.