We  believe in investing in people’s growth. The overall growth of the company is a reflection of the collective individual growth. The more you grow your people, the more you grow your business.  

As a company, we  are also committed to developing a growth partnership with you. By helping our partners grow their business, we also grow as a business.




“Everything rises and falls on leadership."




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Growth does not happen automatically. Growth should be intentional and aligned with your passion and purpose. If not, you run the risk of being busy without meaning. This course is about reaching your potential.  A person’s potential implies possibilities, it heralds hope and it unveils greatness.  Personal growth is the only vehicle that allows you to reach your full potential. This course will teach proven principles for upgrading your capacities to lead others and generate results.  To get where you want in life, personal development cannot be overlooked, postponed or taken for granted. Whether you are starting your career or nearing its end, this course articulates truths you can apply immediately to make the most of your time, talents and influence.




Becoming a Person of Influence is a must for all leaders.  If a person does not have the ability to influence, he has no ability to lead.

The course describes the importance of Influence for a leader, how a leader influences other, when, where, why and how many a leader influences. The influence inventory will allow the leader to evaluate how he/she is creating an impact and adding value to others.  

Practical applications of the Influence principles will be provided which a leader needs not only to lead his team but to lead his own life, in fact every aspect of his life – at home, in the community, with friends and colleagues, etc.

Learning, living and leading the principles of creating a positive influence will not only be a catalyst to leader’s own success, it will become the legacy the leader will leave behind.

Leadership is Influence; Nothing More, Nothing Less
— The Law of Influence- John Maxwell


Everything rises and falls on leadership
— John Maxwell

Good leaders make a difference.  They turn around the organization and positively impact the lives of the people around them.

Leadership Gold is John Maxwell’s most personal work.  It delivers the most valuable  nuggets of wisdom from his 40 years of leading in an engaging and powerful way. Participants will learn from his successes, failures and challenges in managing people.

The Leadership Gold is a leadership tool kit. This course is recommended as the basic leadership training for everyone who occupies a leadership role in the organization, to lead properly and avoid the pitfalls commonly encountered by leaders who led their team the way they thought they should -  some were successful, a lot failed.

For a more experienced leader this course comes with a Mentorship Training which is helpful in mentoring the people he is leading to become a more successful leader. Understanding people while leading and retaining them are among the important focus in discussing the golden nuggets of wisdom.



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Only one thing stands between you and success. It isn’t experience. It isn’t talent. It is the ability to connect with others
— John Maxwell

This course will equip leaders on how to identify and relate with people in a way that increases their influence with them by making every communication an opportunity for a powerful connection.

It is a common misconception that certain people are born with the ability to connect with others, and yet the truth is that anyone can learn how to communicate to connect; to connect to influence and to influence to lead.

To powerfully develop this essential skill of connecting with others, the course is divided into two parts:  Connecting Principles and Connecting Practices.

When integrated and applied, these lessons will help redefine a leader’s  professional and personal relationships.



Success is not a destination. It is a process – a lifelong strategy of building on strengths, minimizing weaknesses, and focusing on the people and points of life that are most important.

This course will help you understand the keys you need to succeed in life. Whether you are a civil servant or a corporate executive, you will achieve great things by understanding four very important success building areas: Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, and Leadership.

Relationships: Relate to others better as you understand these relational rules and add value to people to help them reach their full potential.

Attitude: Improve your attitude through daily practices, understand the affect your attitude has on you and those around you and adopt an attitude that makes challenges easier to overcome

Equipping: Recognize and build on the leadership potential in those around you and apply teamwork laws that will help you take others to a higher level.
Attitude: Improve your attitude through daily practices, understand the affect your attitude has on you and those around you and adopt an attitude that makes challenges easier to overcome

Leadership: Emulate what successful leaders do to remain at the top, lead others successfully to where you have gone and beyond and influence others from the heart and not just the head.





The Leadership Game is a comprehensive and engaging game based on the teachings of John C. Maxwell. This game helps organizations increase their effectiveness and improve their leadership awareness.


The Leadership Game is a fun, yet challenging experience designed to assist you and your team to better understand the core values and principles of healthy leadership. Playing this game with 6-12 of your most influential leaders will bring about positive change through communication and connection and introduce the timeless principles of the kind of leadership that creates great work-place culture and delivers impactful, positive results.

The Team


INTERCHANGE CONSULTING is a Human Resources and Training Consultancy firm, which is being led and managed by certified John Maxwell Team (JMT) members. Prior to this collaboration, the group had  decades of experiences in the field of technology, human resources, organizational development, events and marketing and values/spiritual formation.

As members of the John Maxwell Team, we are certified to FACILITATE, SPEAK and COACH individuals and groups in the areas of leadership development, professional skills and personal growth.  Trained and mentored by the world’s renown leadership author, John Maxwell himself and the JMT’s world-class faculties, we are equipped with the tools resources and experiences to help you, your team and your organization improve performance   using the methodologies from the John Maxwell Company.


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Our Advocacy


Over a hundred year ago, Dr. Jose Rizal said “The youth is the hope of the nation.” But here’s the sad reality: Suicide and depression rates are increasing among Filipino youth. Factors that contribute to this are bullying, low self-image and failure in school. While there are some programs conducted by both private and government organizations to address this, a majority of the youth population remains unserved. We also know that character and values has continuously eroded among the youth with the increase of consumerism, self-indulgence and instant gratification. Without intentionally leading the leaders of tomorrow, imagine what kind of future we are looking at.

We want to serve the present youth to preserve the future. We shape the youth today to shape a better future tomorrow. We create leaders today so they can lead our country tomorrow. This is why we are bringing YouthMax to every possible corner of this country.

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Our vision is to reach out to 1,000,000 youth in 2 years and we cannot do it without your support.